Signature Dish

Our signature dishes always have Kecombrang as the main ingredient. These are the sample:

Teri Kecombrang. A stir-fry Kecombrang and anchovy giving you an umami and unique taste like you’ve never felt before.
Nasi Goreng Kecombrang. High quality rice cooked with special sauce and sliced Kecombrang.
Mie Goreng Kecombrang. The one and only fried noodle with Kecombrang that will excite your palate.
Ayam Joss. Juicy and tender chicken served with a  very hot chili sauce. Definitely will satisfy your palate and burn your mouth.
Pepes Ikan Cakalang. A steamed-fish dish wrapped in banana leaves gives you a unique aroma and beautiful traditional taste.

Chicken Rice

We also served modern food with a touch of authentic Indonesian dish and our signature, Kecombrang. There are two menus of chicken rice:

Sambal Kecombrang Chicken Rice. Rice and popcorn chicken topped with our fresh and spicy sauce.
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Salted Egg Chicken Rice. Rice and popcorn chicken topped with tasteful salted-egg sauce.



A cone-shaped rice accompanied by meats and vegetables. According to the Java tradition, the cone-shaped rice meant to mimic the mountains and volcanoes as the abode of the gods. Dapur Kecombrang serves the dish in its traditional way with a little touch of our signature, Kecombrang. The other side dishes you could pick are ayam goreng/bakar, empal daging, sate udang, oseng kentang hati, oseng tempe, telur dadar iris, telur rebus, mie goreng, or urap. Here are the samples of our Tumpeng:

Classic Tumpeng (Yellow Rice)


Green Rice Tumpeng

Tumpeng Hijau

Corn Rice Tumpeng


Price started from 500k (@10 portions). For more info, contact us.

Snack Box

Serve the most authentic and delicious traditional snacks with various options listed. Only 16k per box, consist of 3 snacks and a glass of mineral water. Snack’s options:

  • Risol mayones
  • Lemper ayam
  • Arem-arem
  • Pastel goreng/bakar
  • Sosis solo
  • Kroket kentang
  • Getuk
  • Pie buah
  • Awug
  • Apem pandan gula merah
  • Lapis surabaya
  • Lapis legit
  • Talam hijau
  • Bika ambon pandan kenari

Here are some of our snack’s photos:

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To order and delivery, please contact us!